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The Latin American Heritage Camp

July 06, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

Our second part of our Colorado Rockies adventure happened at the heritage camp. The first evening involved registration, a first timers meeting, a market, and a traditional Latin American meal. Right away I can't count how many people came up to us and treated us like family. It felt like a warm homecoming. I was one of the photographers and talked to several of the other photographers. Several made fun of me because I had two cameras. I wasn't ready for battle but I wanted calibrate both cameras with the photo editor which he requested we take pictures of his watch (I am not sure how he creates a timeline from his watch but OK). I was told to take it easy and have fun.
More than anything I love watching and interacting with the other children and adults. Most of them where born in Guatemala. They all remind me of Abigail at different stages of her life. They were all so beautiful. We were hoping Abigail would make a lot of friends. What is funny though is that the best friend she made was born in South Korea, like her brother.
The camp was also great for Julie and I because learned a lot about Guatemalan traditions and more importantly how to deal with issues as Abigail gets older. What worries me more is not how we are treated with our children around strangers but how she will deal with confrontations when she is alone. When older, like all teenagers she will have to face self identity and people who are not nice. Let's not even talk about boys. I won't always be there to save from harm. Is this not what all fathers worry about?
I can't wait to go back again in a few years with Nate and also go to the Korean camp which is the previous week. I think we might drive though. I did not enjoy dragging around a car seat through mazes at the airport and I cannot count how many flight delays we had which included a flat tire on the plane.

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